As of May 2, 2011 Nguyen General Practice is located in the new Health Center Overschie at Rotterdamse Rijweg 130. General practioners (GP) working together with the pharmacist, the obstetrician, physiotherapist, dietician to make primary care accessible to all residents of Overschie. The three general practitioners are mr. J.H van der Meer and mr. V.T. Nguyen and since recently mrs. H. Biersteker. They share the vision “to treat the patient as a human being in his/her own environment,” and provide primary care of highest quality with a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical care. Furthermore, the support and guidance of patients and their families during and after their illness is of great importance.  Their aim is to keep primary care personal and accessible for now and in the future. Nguyen General Practice is registered with the Chamber of Commerce ‘Huisartsenpraktijk Overschie’ under Chamber of Commerce number: 24448378.